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Flower Press Kit

Flower Press Kit

Flower Press Kit


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Enjoy nature by exploring flowers and leaves to collect them and create beautiful objects.

Pressing flowers and leaves allows us to get in touch with nature, discovering plant species and exploring our environment.

The Flower Press Kit includes:

Handmade Flower Press (17x23cm), made of hand-stamped pine wood. It can press several layers of flowers and plants and closes with belts that are fixed to the top and allow pressure throughout. Made by hand, with sustainable materials.
Herbarium, a folder that allows you to store and classify your flowers and plants, hand stamped with chrome metal corner pieces. It features a cotton bow closure on both sides so you can delicately store your dried flowers and plants.
Blotting paper to dry the plants and keep them in your herbarium
– Cardboard sheets for your press
– Stickers so you can label and identify your plants with date, name and collection location
– Chrome scissors for collecting plants and flowers
– Practical guide in English with simple instructions on how to how to dry and preserve our flowers and plants
Handmade organic, fair trade cotton bag to store your entire kit


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