Stockholm little guide + a beloved recipe


It’s been a while since we visited Stockholm and kept all our notes in journals and on our travel guide. I finally found the time to write this post, to keep all the places we loved as a family. And, oh well, this is a tiny Stockholm guide – but it involves a lot of coffee and sweets!

First of all let me tell you about our favorite Swedish custom, Fika. Fika, in short, is a break for coffee accompanied by something sweet. Being a significant part of the Swedish social life, it may take place anytime during the day or more than once. It is a fine opportunity to meet with co-workers, friends, or family. The city is actually full of amazing little coffee shops that also serve delicious sweets.

While we wandered around Stockholm, we really enjoyed  the subway art – also known as one of the world’s longest art galleries – as every station is covered with paintings and installations from different artists. It is really a treat to travel on the subway.

The city is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges that you can visit by foot or tram. Be prepared for long walks near the water to visit some of Sweden’s most impressive museums – like The Vasa, Moderna Museum and Fotografiska.


Rosendals Trädgård

Lastly as a family, one of the things we enjoyed the most, were the numerous parks + playgrounds found everywhere in Stockholm.


Our Eat & Drink picks


Fika at Kaffeverket


Fabrique Bakery
Fabrique bakeries offer a great selection of breads – but what we really loved were their cardamom buns!

Pärlans Konfektyr
Inspired by the 30’s, Pärlans makes the tastiest handmade caramels with real butter, fresh organic cream, and sugar. We actually bought these as presents and were instantly vanished!
Nytorgsgatan 38

Johan & Nyström
Coffee bar, roastery and concept store. When you drink a coffee here, just from the first sip, you immediately get the handicraft care that it took to prepare it. It was great sitting outside in a sunny day, enjoying a cup of coffee.
Swedenborgsgatan 7

Urban Deli
This is a grocery store, restaurant, bar and bakery in one. The food is fresh and delicious. Oh, and totally Swedish.
Nytorget 4

Kaffeverket (pictured above)
Situated in the north, this small but cozy café offers a nice selection of quick bites and nice coffee.
Sankt Eriksgatan 88

Rosendals Trädgård
One of our favorite finds! An open biodynamic garden situated on Djurgården island (central Stockholm). Inside you will find a café and a bakery offering fresh prepared food with organic and ingredients and a plantshop. The setting is amazing and ideal for a picnic, strolls and play all around.
Rosendalsterrassen 12


Our Shopping picks




Organic and recycled store with clothes and quality outdoor products.
Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 8

Grandpa (pictured above)
A nice selection of fashion and interior pieces.
Södermannagatan 21

Christoff Blommor
One of the nicest – if not the nicest – flower shop I’ve seen.
Södermannagatan 21

A great magazine and book shop. Here you’ll find a really fantastic selection of publications.
Krukmakargatan 24

Iris Hantverk
Here we found a fantastic selection of handmade brushes from natural materials.
Kungsgatan 55


Our Gnesta trip

gnesta2 gnesta3stockholm5

The second part of our trip was in the Swedish countryside. After a day of research, we decided to visit a small village about an hour and a half away from Stockholm, called Gnesta, for a couple of days.

We booked an ex-stallet turned into studio from Airbnb, took the train from Stockholm and there we were. The house was in the middle of a forest, where we wandered for hours when it wasn’t raining and stayed in with the fireplace on, when the weather was not quite helpful.

The studio was a perfect choice for a family – the owners have 4 kids – and the garden was full of opportunities to play and explore! Not to mention the rest of the forest around!

gnesta1 stockholm6


The beloved Cinnamon Bun recipe

Photo by Call me cupcake

Head over to Call me cupcake for a mouthwatering recipe of the cinnamon buns!




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