Slow Weekend #5

Hello all! I can’t believe its already October! September just flew by, and we are almost in the middle of Autumn, the perfect time to slow down, refuel and refocus… Here are this weekend’s favorite links:

— Did you get the chance to watch the Sptember Super Moon? If not, here is a beautiful composite with a view from Dallas, by photographer Mike Mezeul (via Finding Dutchland)

—  I love this little article on the everyday people that surround us, from best friends, to baristas and mail carriers: The Social Network from Kinfolk 17.

— A record player that plays slices of wood and year ring data is translated into music

Three minutes of video for three weeks of travel, three countries, three cultures

Green pizza with a cauliflower base — yum!

— In love with Ping Zhu‘s work

Have a nice weekend, friends!

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