Childhood Unplugged movement

Photograph © Monica Calderin

Today and because the weekend is near, we are sharing a truly inspirational collaborative project, called Childhood Unplugged. We first stumbled across it through Ashley Jennett’s breathtaking photography journal.

Ashley Jennett_The Stork And The Beanstalk
Photograph © Ashley Jennett / The Stork And The Beanstalk

Childhood Unplugged consists of 12 photographers, who are making a conscious effort to encourage their children to get back to the simple art of play. To let go of technology for a little while and explore the magic of imagination.

The project started by Monica Calderin, along 11 other parents a couple of years ago. Once a month they post photos of their children’s unplugged play and explorations.

It is great to see such a powerful idea evolving nowadays, that technology is such a big part of our lives and everything moves in a fast pace. This is really a chance to pause and embrace free time and unstructured play.

You can see all work on the Childhood Unplugged website or follow the movement on instagram

Jesse Burke_Jesse Burke PhotographyPhotograph © Jesse Burke / Jesse Burke Photography

Drae Trounce_Project 1014
Photograph © Drae Trounce / Project 1014


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