Nourish your body for winter, by Apeiranthos

This month, we introduced a blog series called The Seasons, where we are discussing with favorite guests and share their thoughts and tips on season transitioning. Today, we are very happy to feature the team of Apeiranthos, Stella and Apostolos. Apeiranthos natural skin care products consist of 100% natural ingredients and are based on beeswax and plant oils. Stella and Apostolos share some tips to nourish and prepare our bodies for winter.

We are already in the last month of autumn. The days have grown shorter and the weather is getting colder. The most adventurous ones, are already looking forward to Christmas! Nevertheless, it is advisable to prepare our bodies and minds for the forthcoming colder days.

We have gathered some tips, so that this transition will become a ritual for ourselves and nature.
We strengthen our immune system, by drinking propolis, to avoid during winter time colds and flus. Propolis is the most powerful antibiotic, offered to us by the bees.

Here is another easy and natural way to prevent and relieve the first cold and flu symptoms: Heat up water with ginger and lemon until it boils, turn off heat and add a tablespoon of honey. This warm drink will relieve the sore throat symptoms and stimulates the body.


Our bodies need some soothing care, as well. The weather is much colder, so the hydration of the skin is now more necessary than ever. Proper skin hydration requires peeling first. It’s advisable to scrub once a week, to get rid of dead cells, so that the moisturizing ingredients have a better effect.

Here is an easy scrub recipe: In a bowl, mix 1 tablespoon salt, a spoonful of dried lavender flowers and 2 tablespoons of oil. Massage your body gently and in circular motions and then rinse.

Thank you Apeiranthos!

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Words and photography by Apeiranthos

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